Pre-employment training programme

Employment Education


Unpaid while on training and work experience

Job Description

Are you looking for a job in the timber processing, building supplies or construction industries?\r\n\r\nWe offer:\r\n\r\n* First aid certificate\r\n* OSH forklift certificate\r\n* Drivers licence increase of one step (i.e. learners to restricted etc)\r\n* Budgeting advice\r\n* Road safety information\r\n* Addiction advise\r\n* Hi-viz, boots and PPE\r\n* Training shoes too.\r\n* Transport is provided\r\n\r\nWork experience in the timber processing and construction industries. Pathway to full time employment for the right candidates.\r\n\r\nIntake dates as follows:\r\n\r\n24 January 2022 -\r\n21 February 2022 -\r\n28th March 2022 -\r\n2nd May 2022.\r\n\r\nClick now or visit our website for contact details and more information.


  • Honesty is a primary responsibility - we will be honest with you in return.
  • Be on time - nobody likes burpees aye.
  • Bring a good attitude - we're all whanau here, let's work hard and be good to each other.
  • Be willing to participate as part of our team - teamwork makes the dream work, right?
  • Be clean and tidily presented - you never know who might arrive to meet you!


  • Must be willing to complete an impairment drug test.

Job Overview

  • Role: Building Futures - Pathway to Employment
  • Job Timing: 9.00am - 3.00pm Monday - Friday
  • Job Nature:
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